Christmas is in
305 days!

Please get a copy of my book.

It also makes an excellent Christmas gift for a friend!

Some Favorite Santa Videos

This video was produced by The Gingerbreadhouse, in Nashua, NH and includes some still photos by Brian Lawrence.

This video interview was broadcasted in NH in 2008, I believe. I was interviewed "in character" by Gail Scott-Key and John Campanello..

This video was produce by Penguine Books to promote my book, "Being Santa Claus:

AOL interviewed me during my book tour in 2012:

I was also interviewed by Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum on Fox & Friends:

And I did lots of appearences via satellite to stations across the nation, like this one in Kansas City:

"Mall Santa Musical" is one of my favorites (that doesn't have me in it) and should be watched by the whole family:

"I'm Santa & I Know It" is a fun video but it's not really appropriate for "non-adults":